My Christmas Blog Reading List

A thing I like about holidays is that you can stay warm and cozy in bed with a mug of hot chocolate, with laptop or ipad in hand ready to discover new blogs. Here is the list of blogs I read the most, blogs that inspire me to come up with new ideas, better pictures and content; independent ladies that have made business out of their creativity and passion by portraing their ideas through a blog.  So let`s start…

headerThe Cherry Blossom Girl by Alix: It is the number 1 blog on my list, my all time favorite! she was the first blog I discovered 3 years ago, this blog was my motivation to start my own, and thanks to The Cherry Blossom Girl I discovered my passion for photography. Coco+kelly

Coco +Kelley by Cassandra LaValle: This pretty Seattle girl knows how to entertain, decorate, choose the right pallet of colors, upload 2 posts per day everything in a single blog!  this blog is a mixture of everything I like. Without doubt very inspiring, I would love to manage my blog like her!
DailyDreamDecorDaily Dream Decor by Denisa: A decor enthusiast, Denisa has a fashion blog as well but her Daily Dream Decor blog is the one that caught my eye. Decor inspiration, pretty images that’ll make you keep looking through her blog.
MINK_HEADERMinkblog by Marcela Contreras: The first mexican blog I ran into and the first blogger I am friends with. Her illustrations are amazing, she has a new layout for her blog, more mature with that Minkblog touch, you can see her illustrations at Glamour Mexico Magazine. Another must of the mexican blogs, keep an eye on this talented lady!

Making Magique by Haleigh: An American girl living in Paris, Oh la la she really know how to capture magical moments with her camera. I started reading this blog about 4 months ago and can’t get enough of it, within every post you can find a catchy song that suites the mood of the post.

HeaderHOFGrandeHigh on Fashion by Gina: Mexican fashion blogger, Gina really knows what she is doing, her styling is impecable along with every outfit post she makes. Who wouldn’t like to have all her bags and shoes? Another talented mexican blogger you should follow for sure.

design darling headerDesign Darling by Mackenzie Horan: Mackenzie writes about everything that catches her eye, interiors, fashion, etc. Her personal style makes Design Darling a unique blog, it is a mix of preppy, classy and girly; she recently opened her online boutique where you can find everything from accesories like bracelets to monogramed trays.

homeentertainingEveryday Occasions by Jenny Steffens: The ultimate party hostess, cook, mommy of a beautiful girl, I love her blog because she is so creative. When it’s my turn to entertain I search in her blog for tips and receipes, she shares life with her husband and baby, cooking delicious food and remodeling her home.

according to me2According to Me by Andrea Carolina: Mexican blogger from the same city where I live, she styles her outfits with grace and a very personal sense of style. As I ‘ve said before on the blog, I like the fact she shows her outfits in different parts of the city.

classy girls with pearlsClassy Girls with Pearls: I literally discovered this blog about a week ago through Pinterest, the pictures seem to be an ad campaign for Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers. The landscapes of New England and matching outfits of everyone make me daydream of these scenery.

My philosophieMy Philosophie by Sofía Lascurain: Another Mexican fashion blogger this time from Guadalajara, she portraits the essence of her style with every post she makes. I like that her style is natural and not so overdone, it looks effortless which is something hard to achieve in a look. We made a especial collaboration with My Philosophie so stay tuned!

katWith Love From Kat by Kat Tanita: What can I say about Kat? I love her style and every post. A lifestyle blog where you can see her life in the city showing the best spots in town, travel photography and her personal style.

Functional Home by Yannis: And last but not least, my friend Yannis mexican design blogger with a recent new image at her blog. One of the best mexican design blogs here in Mexico, you should check out Functional Home!

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Una respuesta a My Christmas Blog Reading List

  1. Wow, andaba de visita por aquí y qué me acabo de encontrar.
    Soy yo! jajajaja
    Que grata sorpresa muchas gracias.
    Muy buena lista, voy a empezar a checar los que no conocía. Por cierto “The cherry blossom girl” viste que creativa cuando hizo su look de mariposas, estuvo genial o no?
    En fin, saludos hermosa!


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