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It was really nice getting to know a bit more about Kat, she is such a nice person! Here is a little interview EM Blog made to her and a guest post showing us the hottest interior and fashion trends in NYC. I like showing you guys the blogs I visit frequently and give you a personal close up to their blogs! So be sure to visit With Love From, Kat.Why did you decided to start a blog?
With Love From, Kat began after I graduated from college with a degree in design.  I started it because I missed my classes and the projects that allowed me to be creative. My blog allows me to constantly be creative and share my creativity with others.
What has been the best thing about With love from Kat?
The best thing about With Love From, Kat has been the people I’ve been able to meet – I’ve made some amazing friends through blogging.  Also, I feel so fortunate to constantly be learning about different companies and designers.
Which are your key pieces for a wardrobe? 
A pair of dark skinny jeans, a gorgeous handbag, a little black dress, a pair of nude heels, and a Pucci or Missoni scarf – which will add spice to any outfit.
Name 4 of your favorite designers (fashion/interior)
Fashion: Lanvin, Diane Von Furstenberg, Parker, Joie
Interior: Alessandra Branca, Christina Murphy, Ashley Whittaker, Betsy Burnham
What inspires you?
So many things inspire me.  A chic girl I see on the street, a store window, blogs, magazines – just being in this city inspires me everyday.
How would you describe your style?
My style is feminine and classic with bohemian and eclectic touches.  I always start with a classic base and use unique accessories to make an outfit my own.
Favorite city/place 
My favorite city is NYC.  I haven’t been able to travel through Europe or South America as much as I’d like though so I may change my mind after my trip upcoming trip to Buenos Aires 🙂  My favorite place is Nantucket Island.  Check out my Nantucket facebook album (  and you will see why!
Favorite food
Anything Italian!  I love pasta, wine, basil, cheese.  I must have been Italian in a past life!
                                                  I’m so glad Estefania asked me to guest post.  I love to share my ideas and findings with others.  My post is about NYC fashion and decor.  There is such a wide range of fashion in the city, so I highlighted the key trends and styles that I love.  NYC women know how to mix high end designer clothing with vintage finds.  They are always wearing a unique or unexpected accessory.  When you walk down the street, especially in the area I work in (the Garment District), you will see every “it” bag there is.  My favorite “it” bag is easily the Celine bag…I’ve been wanting it for months!  The thing I love about NYC decor is the abundance of colors, textures and patterns.  Just like women here add an unexpected accessory to their outfit, they add an unexpected flea market find to their apartment.  Both the fashion and decor in NYC can be described as fun, eclectic, and experimental.  You can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, and that is why I love this city.”
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